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Weekly Blog, April 8th 2020

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, yStats.com is one of the world’s leading secondary market research companies. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date and objective data on Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment markets to sector-leading companies worldwide.

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As the CEO and founder of yStats.com, a respected, independent source of unbiased information on global E-Commerce, I invite you to read the Blog that we have created to highlight the latest impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on E-Commerce and online payment markets worldwide. 

Yücel Yelken  

CEO & Founder yStats.com

This blog is part of a series of weekly insights that reveal the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on global E-Commerce, Online Payment and many other vertical topics such as Online Travel, Cross-Border, Online Education etc. To be notified when new insights or data become available, subscribe below. 


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Weekly Blog, July 29th 2020

Along with the retail market, B2B commerce is undergoing a transformation amid the health crisis. An April 2020 survey showed that the share of B2B companies adopting E-Commerce as a go-to-market sales model increased from 46% before COVID-19 to 51% after, while in-person and field sales team usage dropped from 55% to 21%. Since the outbreak, B2B E-Commerce sales were estimated to increase by above +20%.... Read more

Although the EU economy is expected to contract by -8.3% in 2020 according to the latest projection made by the European Commission, the payment sector maintains dynamism as the health crisis continues. Payment companies continue to expand their products and embark.... Read more

Weekly Blog, July 15th 2020

Weekly Blog, July 8th 2020

A global survey of Internet users showed that over 50% of respondents planned to return to shops immediately or quickly after stores re-open. Nevertheless, consumers also expected to continue to buy online and use omnichannel services like buy online pickup in store (BOPIS).... Read more

Weekly Blog, June 24th 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus has had a major impact on shoppers’ cross-border purchasing behaviors and intentions. A May 2020 survey in Russia showed that 26% of those consumers who previously shopped on international websites began to purchase less often due to the pandemic, and 32% completely abandoned the cross-border.... Read more

During the outbreak of the coronavirus in March-April 2020, consumers across Southeast Asia increased their use of online shopping and home delivery services. Above 50% of shoppers in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand said they made more purchases over the Internet since the outbreak.... Read more

Weekly Blog, July 1st 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus in Africa has accelerated the shift from cash to electronic payment transactions, a trend which could lead to a boost in financial inclusion in the region. Countries which have been on lockdown due to the pandemic, including Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa, experienced a surge in E-Commerce payments.... Read more

Weekly Blog, June 17th 2020

Weekly Blog, June 10th 2020

E-Learning has been booming since the pandemic outbreak, as schools and universities stayed closed. In Europe’s top markets, online traffic to education websites and apps doubled between the weeks of January 13 and May 4, up by +177% in Germany, +132% in France, +92% in the UK and by over +80% in Italy and Spain according.... Read more

Online shopping orders in Latin America have surged as consumers stay at home amid the coronavirus outbreak. The region’s largest E-Commerce marketplace, Mercado Libre, reported double and triple digit growth rates in number of orders in the period from the end of February and early May, compared to the same period in 2019.... Read more

Weekly Blog, June 3rd 2020

Weekly Blog, July 22nd 2020

The global travel industry, severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, is showing first signs of a starting recovery. A leading travel tech and distribution company Sabre announced that although the macro environment is still uncertain, booking numbers for June show an improvement.... Read more